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About Us

Home Renovation
Company Overview

Bidrenos is a platform connecting contractors to customers with home improvement projects.

Bidrenos has identified a few of the renovation and home improvement industry weaknesses and has created a resource and platform for the market to use to mitigate these weaknesses. On the consumers side, one issue is finding reliable contractors to quote the work they desire completed on their homes. Another is the glaring issue of price gouging to unassuming and potentially unknowledgeable clientèle. Bidrenos.com mitigates both issues with our reverse auction platform. Our process provides the customer with multiple contractor bids along with competitive pricing as the contractors compete for the customers' project.

The benefits are just as straightforward to the contractors as to the customers. The Bidrenos platform is a hub for contractors to continuously bid on projects. Contractors only pay a small fee once they acquire a project. Comparing to spending marketing dollars and or purchasing leads hoping to get a client, Bidrenos is a performance base solution making it extremely attractive for contractors to use as a main source for procuring projects.