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What is Bidrenos?

Bidrenos is a free to post and free to bid platform connecting contractors to customers with home improvement projects.


Is it free to post projects with Bidrenos?

Absolutely. You can post as many free projects as you like.


Is it free to place bids on projects with Bidrenos?

Absolutely. You can place as many free bids as you like on projects.


What are the account types?

There are three options for an account.

1. Contractor: If you are interested in placing bids.

2. Customer: If you are interested in posting projects.

3. Both: If you are interested in placing bids and posting projects.


Can I change my account type after I have created my account?

Yes you can. Simply go to "edit settings" and select the account type of your choice.


How many accounts am I allowed to have?

Whether you are a contractor or customer, you are only allowed to have one account. 


Can I post projects and place bids under the same account.

Yes you can.


Can I post multiple projects at the same time?

Yes, you can post as many projects as you have.


How do I determine the budget when posting my project?

You should post your maximum budget you can afford. The contractors will drive the price down to compete for your project.


Do I need to wait for the end of the auction to award a contractor my project?

No. If a bid comes in which you feel is a match, you can accept that bid anytime throughout the auction.


Do the contractors have to be verified before placing bids.

Yes. Each contractor has to go through a verification process before they are allowed to post bids on projects.


What is required in order to be verified as a contractor?

In order to be verified as a contractor, you must have a registered business and you must also provide a valid photo ID.


How long does it take to verify a contractor.

It may take up to 48 hours for a contractor to be verified.


How do you verify the contractors.

Bidrenos uses a 3rd party verification system to verify the contractors. We also encourage customers to do their own due dilligence on the contractors before accepting the bid proposals.


Can I place bids if my account is not yet verified?

No you cannot. Only verified contractors are able to place bids on projects.


Can I place multiple bids on the same project?

No, you are only allowed to place one bid per project.


Can I update my bid proposal after I have submitted it?

Yes you can. Simply go to "My Bids" and select the bid you would like to update.


Will I receive a notification if my bid proposal was accepted?

Yes you will receive an email notifying you. The email will include the "customer's" contact info. You will also receive a notification in your account.


Where else can I see the contact info of the customer who accepted my bid?

You can see the customer's contact info by going to your bid in your "My Bids" or on the project page itself.


What are Upgrade Add-ons?

Upgrade add-ons are a way to enchance your projects and bids. There are three types of upgrades.

1. Featured: Project/bid will be given the highest priority to show up before non featured projects/bids.

2. Highlight: Makes your project/bid visibly stand out from other projects/bids and get noticed.

3. Private: Project/bid will be hidden from the public. Only members who are signed in will be able to view your project. And only the project poster will be able to view your bid.


Are the upgrade add-ons for bids and projects optional to purchase?

Yes. All upgrade add-ons are optional to purchase.


Does Bidrenos facilitate the payments between Contractor and Customer?

We do not. We only collect a small connection fee.


What's your connection fee?

Contractors who are awarded a project will be charged the following fee.

$0 to $999 - 9%

$1,000 to $9,999 - 7%

$10,000+ - 5%


As a customer, do I also have to pay the connection fee when accepting a bid?

No. The customers do not pay a connection fee to accept a bid. It's totally free.


As a contractor, when do I pay the connection fee?

Once your bid as been selected by the customer, a connection fee invoice will be automatically generated. This fee will be automatically deducted on the project start date. Initially it will be deducted from your wallet. If your wallet has insufficient funds to cover the fee, then your saved credit card on file will be charged.


What is the project goal start date?

The project goal start date is an estimated start date set by the customer for a particular project. This is the date the customer would like to start the project.


Can the project goal start date be update?

Yes. The customer can update this date at any time


What would happen if I don't pay an invoice?

If you do not pay an invoice, you will not be able to post new projects and place bids.


Can I deposit funds into my wallet for later use?

Yes you can.


Am I able to withdraw funds from my wallet?

No you cannot. All deposited funds must stay in your wallet to be used on the site.


Do you offer refunds?

Bidrenos offers no refunds on the upgrade add-ons. However Bidrenos may offer a refund on the connection fees if the project was cancelled.


Can I delete my projects, bids, and reviews?

No you cannot. But you can unpublish them to hide them from everyone else.


Can I close my account?

Yes you can close your account any time. Go to "edit settings" for the option. 


Can I reopen my account after it's been closed?

Yes you can. Simply email us and we will reactivate your acccount.